Birla Ojasvi

 Birla Ojasvi - where luxury meets tranquility amidst the lush greens of Rajarajeshwari Nagar in South-west Bangalore.


Discover an oasis of premium living spread across a sprawling 10-acre expanse, harmoniously blending urban sophistication with the serenity of nature. Birla Ojasvi Location boasts three magnificent towers, standing tall amidst the verdant forest backdrop, offering a total of 630 opulent residences.

Our Services


With a choice of 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK premium apartments, as well as lavish 5 BHK row houses, Birla Ojasvi caters to diverse lifestyle preferences. Whether you seek the cozy comfort of a compact unit or the expansive luxury of a spacious home, our meticulously designed floor plans cater to your every need.


Each Residence at Birla Ojasvi is created with exactness and consideration to detail, guaranteeing a consistent mix of tastefulness and usefulness. From cutting edge civilities to sumptuous wraps up, each perspective is curated to promote your living experience.


Grasp a way of life of unparalleled consolation and comfort, with amenities extending from rich arranged gardens to state-of-the-art wellness offices and recreational spaces. Whether you look for unwinding or entertainment, Birla Ojasvi offers an cluster of choices to restore your intellect, body, and soul.